Waf-full Wedge Platters

Waf-full Wedge Platters
Choose up to 4 options from below
1/2 Tray
(serves 10-15)
Full Tray
(serves 16-24)
Roast Beef Wedges
lettuce, tomato & PB
$70 $100
Project Turkey Wedges
arugula, apple slices,
cheddar & fig jam
$70 $100
Project BLT Wedges
bacon, lettuce, panko
tomatoes & PB dill aioli
$70 $100
Veggie Wedges
roasted portobello, roasted
peppers, roasted eggplant, fresh mozzarella & balsamic
glaze served on everything flavored waffle
$70 $100
Quesadilla Wedges
pulled pork & cheddar
cheese served with side of cheese sauce
$70 $100
Mac Daddy Wedges
bacon mac ‘n cheese &
pulled pork served side maple bacon jalapeno syrup
$70 $100
Buffalo Wedges
buffalo chicken and mozzarella
served w/ a side of sriracha sour cream
$70 $100
Chicken Finger Melt
fried chicken, French fries,
American cheese & garlic aioli
$70 $100
Sweet Chic
honey fried chicken & pepper jack cheese
with lettuce and tomato served with side of honey aioli
$70 $100