Munchies 1/2 Tray Full Tray
Project Mac’n Cheese
(w/ grilled cheese croutons) 
*Add Chicken
*Add Pulled Pork
*Add Steak Tips




PB Fingers Tray
Pick 3: Classic Fingers, Buffalo, BBQ, Honey Fried
$45 $85
Friendly Fryers Tray
Pick 2: Parm Fries, Sweet Potato Fries, Onion Rings
$25 $45
Rice Ball Grilled
*Cheese Squares choice of marinara or vodka sauce
2dz. $60 3dz. $85
Project Egg Rolls
Rueben corned beef & coleslaw with thousand island
dipping sauce
Bacon Mac and Cheese with maple/bacon/jalapeno dipping sauce
Tex-Mex chicken, rice and black beans with salsa
dipping sauce
2dz. $45 3dz. $65