Wake Up & Start Up

  Wake Up and Start Up
Caramelized Grapefruit Pieces
ruby red grapefruit sliced, dipped in sugar & torched to a golden brown for the perfect crunch
$24 (8pcs) $45 (16pcs)
Avocado Toast
Wedges of multigrain toast , avocado spread, arugula & olive oil drizzle
$6 per piece
Project Granola
our homemade granola w/ yogurt & seasonal fruit served with honey
$60 (Serves 8-12)
Homemade Banana Bread
served w/ cinnamon cream cheese
$35 (1/2 Tray 13 pcs) $68 (Full Tray 26 pcs)
Corned Beef Hash
Need something satisfying? Try our corned beef hash made with tender cubes of corned beef and crispy hash
$50 (1/2 Tray) $95 (Full Tray)